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Rufac have developed an series of ergonomic equipment for the industrial area.

- the Rufac WORK series.

The M-Robot is one of the products for the professionals within the industrial area.
Ergonomic height-adjustable workbench in elegant design with good stability and flexibility.
The workbench is designed for use in applications where a Robot teach pendant or screen and keyboard must be able to be used in various heights and programming situations. The workbench is
mounted on castors that allow to move the workbench around in the factory.
Easily attach the teach pendant to the holder and use the height adjustment to achieve the correct ergonomic use of the teach pendant in programming and operation mode. Avoid the persistent heavy lifting of the teach pendant.
The workbench is available in 2 models, ENTRY and ADVANCE, where the holder is developed as standard for Universal Robot’s teach-pendant (Both models) and ADVANCE is also prepared for 
VESA 75/100.
 Both versions can adapt other models of robot ”teach-pendant” or other equipment that need to be ergonomic height adjustble and flexible.

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