The Midform Group 

The story started 1955 for more than 60 years ago in Middelfart, Denmark – still family owned.

The company has been known by Danish and foreign furniture manufacturers for almost 60 years as a supplier of quality molds of wooden parts. Until May 2003, the company only served as a subcontractor for the furniture industry – this changed in May 2003 when the company introduced its own first fully produced ready for sale Stackable Chair - called “Rasmussen no. 1”


The mission was still is to provide high quality molded components to furniture manufacturers and related industries and at the same time to offer own designed and manufactured products.

Still offering a various service, such as Design advice on new product developments, warehousing and logistics agreements for optimizing the customers flexibility in the choice of deck veneer and molding process. 

MIDFORM GROUP is named after the name of the city where everything started, Middelfart and the Shape being created in the mold process of manufacturing wood – in Danish called “form” – and the name MIDFORM was created. 


The big change in 2004


In 2004 Midform A/S became a part of the Midform Group


In 2007 and 2008 the next foundation for the Group was founded – first the company SIS USA was integrated to improve the sales in the North American market and entering the ergonomic furniture industry.

Already in 2008, the Foundation was strengthened by acquiring RUFAC ApS – a more than 50 years old company with high knowledge within the ergonomic furniture Business with own production facilities in Denmark. 


In 2018 the next big step – preparing the Group for the next century and adding new technology to the portfolio was created by acquiring TableAir in 2018. TableAir is an IoT Company with focus on software and hardware for intelligent workspace Management – this will bring the Group up to the next level and tightened the market position for the different Group brands. Still with production in Denmark and Europe the Midform Group will have a strong statement for innovation, quality and craftmanship where Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability will be core values for the Groupe companies. A strong Group – ready for the future.


Group story - see below: 


The success story started back in 1955 with the name Middelfart Finercentral A/S


The Company was acquired by Jørgen Rasmussen and at the same time the company changed name to Middelfart Formspænd A/S


The company was growing and in 1988 the factory was too small to accommodate and handle the growing Business. The company was moving to the current location and building at Fynsvej in Middelfart.

1990 & 1992

The company grew rapidly in the years 1990 and 1992 and had to expand the facilities twice to a total area of ​​4000m2 to meet the growing demand.


Claus Hansson is joining Middelfart Formspænd A/S as new CFO


In May 2003 Middeltfart Formspænd A/S is changing the name to Midform A/S and in November 2003 the company is merging with Fyns Faconspænd and Uffe Risager, former owner off Fyns Faconspænd for more than 30 years, staying on board for the new company structure including several employees

The company introduced its own first fully produced ready for sale Stackable Chair – called “Rasmussen no. 1”


September 2004 a new investor structure is founded, and Claus Hansson take over the company Midform A/S. This secure and will establish a long-term strategy for the company.

The Midform Group is established. 


Midform A/S Establish the production site in Poland.


Midform Holding acquire SiS USA Inc. – today know as SiS Ergo – today a Midform Group Company


In December 2008 - Midform Holding acquires RUFAC ApS 


Midform Holding acquires TableAir – entering the IoT world

TableAir develop and offer intelligent workspace Management