We at RUFAC see the importance of designing and manufacturing ergonomic products with Flexibility and function with integrated modern design as a basic.

This is the requirements for attractive products on the market in the office furniture industry. 

The best results are achieved through the integration of the customers 'wishes and our internal designers' understanding of the requirements for ergonomic office furniture. From the start, the development process is important in the collaboration between the customer's designers / engineers and our development department. This ensures that all ideas are combined and integrated into the process - the result of this collaboration will lead to the greatest success of our customers.



RUFAC offers ergonomic solutions that enhance the dynamics and well-being of the workplace. Flexibility is a key word when we develop new products based on the latest technology. The focus is always on ergonomics and adjustability of the workplace.


Rufac manufactures desks and tables according to international standards and with high Danish quality. 

- we call it MADE IN DENMARK.


If you have a project that you would like to have on the market with the best partner in ergonomic furniture for the office furniture industry - then contact Rufac to hear about your options.


- See you in the next project!