Acoustics and flexibility – we call it AURA

Get a healthier working environment with AURA desk screens with built-in acoustic improvement.

AURA is our range of sound-absorbing desk screens designed to fit RUFAC workbench solutions. AURA is developed in a lightweight design with a thickness of only 9 mm. This gives AURA a light and elegant design in the combination with RUFAC's Scandinavian design on the workbench solutions.

AURA can easily be used as "Modesty" or "Privacy" solutions with the standard mounting, AURA can be changed from "Privacy" to "Modesty" or vice versa with a short lift of the screen  - flip the screen wall and re-install easily, quickly in seconds and the setup has changed - "Lift - Flip and Drop".

AURA is designed and manufactured on a sustainable basis and material selection, 99% recycled PET felt with a 50% share of recycled PET from used water bottles. An environmentally friendly solution.

AURA is developed with a focus on acoustics and has acoustic values ​​that reduce noise and provide good sound attenuation in the office.

The AURA program is available in 4 different standard sizes with individual choice in 3 colors.

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Technical information

AURATM Thickness:


Fire Rating:
Full Modesty:
Full Privacy:

58,5 cm.

117 cm, 147,5 cm., 178 cm., 234 cm. 

99% Recycled Polyester Felt

9 mm

Exposed Felt

50% from recycled water bottles

ASTM C 423: NRC [500hz] = .76 NRC [1000hz] = 1.00

UL tested ASTM E-84: Class A

44,5 cm. below / 11,5 cm. above

22 cm. below / 34 cm. above

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